Studying Together

Adult & Teen Combined Sunday School
Current Class: The Constitution of the Kingdom:
A Study of the Biblical Covenants
Sunday – 9:00 am
The U.S. Constitution is the document that not only governs our nation but also sets forth the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. Many Americans know well and love our nation’s Constitution, but Christians, whose primary citizenship is in the Kingdom of God, should find great comfort and pleasure in the constitution of that Kingdom – the Biblical Covenants. God’s master plan to redeem a people to Himself and to govern them as the King of Kings comes in successive installments through the covenants made to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ. Join us as we see God’s sovereignty and faithfulness on display through His covenantal love for His people!

Children’s Sunday School
Sunday – 9:00 am
What is salvation? How does someone become a Christian? What does it mean to become like Jesus? This Class entitled, “To Be Like Jesus”, helps answer these important questions by explaining elements of the Gospel message, its purpose, and promise. A major portion of this study focuses on the doctrine of sanctification – the process by which a Christian becomes more and more conformed to the likeness of Jesus.

Children’s Church
Sunday @ 10:30 am
Our curriculum for both our toddler and elementary groups is called ‘The Gospel Project”. We’ll praise God with fun, meaningful songs, celebrate God’s attributes and mighty works, and respond to God with open hearts and willing hands. Please join us as our lesson teaches us how God is faithful to his people.




Worship Service
Current Sermon Series: The Five Purposes of The Church
Sunday – 10:00 am
Throughout the month of January we will review the Five Purposes of the Church … Worship, Ministry, Evangelism, Fellowship and Discipleship. Teen Challenge will also visit us on January 28th and present the message during the Worship Service. We will return to our series based on the Book of Romans, “God Is On The Move” in February.

Women’s Ministry Bible Study
Every Thursday
6:30 pm
Please join us as we continue our current Bible Study based on the Book of Ruth. Our women’s studies take place every Thursday evening at the Schmucker home beginning at 6:30 pm, and are open to women of all ages. Mothers … please plan to bring your daughters. Devotionals are provided.

Girls Bible Study
Every Sunday 
6:30 pm
Natalie Broadhurst and Ashley Fuggiti will be leading a new Bible study for girls ages 6th grade through college. Through biblical teaching and real life application, this study will teach us that we do not have to live in weakness. God is stronger than every struggle we will ever face. The study takes place at the home of Natalie Broadhurst.

Mid Week Studies
Every Wednesday
6:30 pm
Our mid-week study programs meet on Wednesday evenings from September through April. Each program is comprised of a specific curriculum sturctured to educate and equip ourselves with the tools we need to embrace our biblical teachings, and apply them to everyday life.

Our Adult Class will begin with a look at Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish culture, followed by a study of the Book of Jude and then move on to the Seven Churches of Revelation. The adult class is led by Jack Wetzel.

Our Teen Class is entitled Dust to Glory: A Brief Survey of Redemptive History. We’ll look to Scripture for the story of God saving a people for Himself, and dive into God’s plans and purposes for us and this world, as well as understanding more of who He is, the extent to which He has gone to redeem His people, and the hope we have of glory. The teen class is led by Jonathan Hikes.

Note: Mid week groups do not meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

Iron Men
Every Thursday
6:00 am
All of us experience life’s problems, and bumps along the way. Even though we may not have all the answers, God is always willing and ready to help us accomplish all that He has determined for us to do. Together we will learn how to sharpen each other and encourage one another to walk in His will for our lives. Join with us as He helps us grow to be the men that He has called us to be. Just bring your Bibles – we will have hot coffee waiting for you. Iron Men is also a place for those of you who are fathers, to bring your sons, so they can be taught the ways of the Lord through the example of godly men.

Teen Core Group
September thru April
Our High School Core Group is for our teens in 9-12 grade who want to draw nearer to God by studying His Word deeply and seriously. We believe that increasing knowledge of who God is, who we are in relationship to God, and the work that God has done for us in Christ is the fuel of the flame that the Holy Spirit fans into spiritual growth, so we do expository studies of Scripture that not only teach the teens what God is saying in His Word, but also equip the teens to be able to study Scripture on their own. We also do systematic theological studies that incorporate the whole canon of Scripture’s teaching on the doctrines of our faith as we see how the written Word is the living and active Word that touches every facet of our lives. Our Teen Core Group meets on Sunday evenings, September through April.